No new Zune device in June after all

Earlier today, we’ve reported about a possible Zune device that would be released in June this year to compete with the iPhone and the Palm Pre.

The info was based on two twitter posts which turned out to come from an account that actually has nothing to do with Microsoft. Instead, it’s an account of an iPhone application developer, created to raise awareness about iPhone software piracy. Weird way of doing that, isn’t it?

Anyway, Microsoft has debunked the June-Zune rumor by confirming to Neowin that no Zune device will be released next month.


Well, that’s too bad for Zune fans. I guess we’re still far from seeing a Zune phone – if such a phone will ever be made.

Now let’s see if the rumors about the Windows Mobile 7 specs will also be debunked.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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