Gresso Lady Gold and Ultramarine Gold phones launched

Two months after unveiling the Lady Diamond collection, the Russia-based company Gresso has now launched two new luxury handsets: Gresso Ultramarine Gold and Gresso Lady Gold.

The Gresso Ultramarine Gold comes in a blue case, representing “strength and serenity”, while the Lady Gold has a “brilliant red color”, being an “ode to femininity, to elegance and to beauty” – Gresso’s words, not ours.    

Except for their color, the phones don’t differ too much, being built out of materials like titanium, high-tech ceramics and 18K gold.




When it comes to features, the new handsets are similar to the old Gresso ones, offering Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard, Bluetooth, GSM/GPRS connectivity and 2GB of internal memory.  

The Lady Gold and Ultramarine Gold phones are cheaper than the Lady Diamond: only €4,800 ($6,525) a piece. The collections are limited to 15 pieces.  

Via Gresso

Author: Ilinca Nita

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