Nokia N97 NAM Coming on June 2?

We certainly want to believe a new rumor emerging this weekend that puts the North American edition of the Nokia N97 hitting shelves on June 2nd. And so far we have little reason not to believe it, though Nokia reps at CES and CTIA had us convinced the NAM version would be surfacing in the second half of the year.

But this is good news for us, as most phone makers tend to deliver late on their promises. Perhaps Nokia felt that with the inevitable June releases of Palm Pre and (most likely) iPhone 3rd Generation, this would be the best time to make its debut.

The picture below shows the origin of this particular rumor.


What exactly does this picture mean? Where is the rumor coming from? TheNokiaBlog just reported that Nokia recently notified one of its North American distributors that June 2nd would be the launch date.

Vodafone UK is also scheduling a June launch of the highly anticipated device. This would be a rare event that the NAM version comes out at the same time as the European versions, but will be a nice breath of fresh air for Nokia.

Expected price point on Nokia N97 NAM will likely be around $600.

via The Nokia Blog

Author: Brad Molen

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