Nokia enhances Ovi Maps, intros Ovi Maps Player API

Nokia Ovi Maps has once again been updated, reportedly bringing “better maps than ever before”.

The application includes high-res satellite and terrain 2D/3D maps and features capabilities like tilting, rotation, night view, fly-througs and fly-overs.

It also provides a weather service (24-hour, 5-day forecasts) and detailed POI (point of interest) information from Lonely Planet, Wcities and Michelin.

The latest version of Nokia Ovi Maps can be downloaded to your phone from here, while the Web version can be tried here.


In addition to enhancing Ovi Maps, Nokia has also introduced the Ovi Maps Player API, which should provide an easy way to embed the Ovi Maps experience into various websites, by using JavaScript only. 

As Nokia puts it, “this opens the Ovi Maps service and technology for third parties wishing to add greater contextual innovation to their websites for a deeper level of integration, sharing and collaboration with their audiences.” For example, social networking sites and sites like can now include Ovi Maps, allowing users to personalize it with their content and synchronize it onto their handsets.

A video presentation of the Ovi Maps Player API can be seen below:

Via Nokia

Author: Ilinca Nita

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