Android 2.0 on Sony Ericsson’s first Android smartphone?

Although Android 1.5 isn’t yet available for everyone, Sony Ericsson already talks about Android 2.0.

According to ePrice, Peter Ang, SE’s vice president of marketing, said that the company’s first handset to run on Google’s OS will come with Android 2.0, as well as with “Sony Ericsson’s unique style” – a new UI perhaps, to run on top of Android?

No time frame was given for the release of the Sony Ericsson Android 2.0 smartphone, but this should happen “in the near future”. So if the promised phone gets to be released before the end of 2009, this means Android 2.0 will also be out by then, right?


Apart from developing Android handsets, Sony Ericsson will also continue to make Windows Mobile and Symbian phones (for example, the 12MP Idou has Symbian on board, while the X2 will probably come with WM 6.5).

Via SlashPhone

Author: Ilinca Nita

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