AT&T Blackberry Plans Include 4 New Devices

In our series of slides supplied by our friends at Engadget, we find not one, not three, but FOUR new Blackberry handsets on their way to AT&T.

This is great news. We had heard the Magnum was confirmed for AT&T but it is great to hear that the other three are coming there as well. This will give the Blackberry lineup a large boost.

So let’s go through each one and see what the slides say, and what info is already circulating about those devices.

Blackberry Onyx


While most of the specs are identical to the Bold, a couple key changes are the 3.2 MP camera, and the slide also mentions using a micro USB connector instead of the standard Mini USB that RIM has used for eons.

The style also looks a little different. It’s reminiscent of Bold vs Curve 8900. The below crystal-clear picture shows off the Onyx, reviewed earlier by Kevin at Crackberry.


Blackberry Magnum


Such a detailed picture, isn’t it? The Magnum is being touted as the “Blackberry Bold portfolio evolution”. We’re excited about this one, as it’s supposed to have full QWERTY as well as HVGA touchscreen. Nice!

The Magnum is also bragging up a Navigation evolution. Huh? Should be interesting to find out more about this mysterious handset, for sure. Here’s a fuzzy pic of what the Magnum should really look like.


Blackberry Pearl 3G


Not much needs to be said of this one, as it is a natural upgrade to the current Pearl line. A much needed upgrade, considering the Pearl dates back a good 3 years. This will be of the non-flip variety and will sport triband AT&T 3G, as well as a high resolution display (exact res TBD). We hope the Pearl 3G will look a little more stylish than the one in the slide.

Blackberry Gemini


Also known as the Blackberry Curve 8520, the Gemini is well-named because of the look and feel of it. Here’s the confusing part though — according to our previous reports, the Gemini is supposed to come with an optical trackball (or trackpad, whichever you want to call it) instead of the usual Curve-style trackball, yet the above slide mentions it comes with a trackball.

By the looks of it, the Gemini is meant to be more of an entry-level Blackberry as it won’t have 3G, it may have GPS but not sure yet, and 2 MP camera with no flash. Picture below.


As of yet we don’t have any release dates for these handsets, but it’s refreshing to see a whole slew of new phones to replace the aging Blackberry devices currently for sale on AT&T. Your thoughts?

via Engadget

Author: Brad Molen

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  • Dr House

    Nice. I wish i have one.

  • Dr House

    Nice. I wish i have one.