O2 UK’s Palm Pre exclusivity confirmed?

It looks like those rumors about Telefonica / O2 getting an exclusivity deal on the Palm Pre are not just rumors after all.

According to Guardian.co.uk, O2, one of the largest British mobile carriers, has “seen off fierce competition for the new handset from Vodafone and Orange”, but won the Pre exclusivity in the end.

It’s not clear yet when O2 UK will launch the GSM Palm Pre, but this will apparently happen many months after the smartphone becomes available in the US via Sprint (on June 6) – sometime before Christmas.


Interestingly, O2 is also the exclusive iPhone 3G carrier in the UK. If the company manages to keep this exclusivity for the third-gen iPhone as well, it will have two of this year’s hottest smartphones in its line-up, so Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange & co would have to come up with more than just one iPhone / Pre rival (the HTC Touch Pro 2, for example, is definitely a good alternative). 

Via Palm Info Center

Author: Ilinca Nita

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