AT&T might sell the Palm Pre too, after Sprint’s exclusivity ends

We all know that Sprint is the exclusive US carrier for the Palm Pre until later this year (or even until 2010), but what will happen after the exclusivity ends? Would the other major carriers want to sell the Pre too?

Well, AT&T wants it.

At least that’s what Chief Executive Randall Stephenson said during an interview for The Wall Street Journal.

More exactly, AT&T’s boss reportedly declared that “he sees AT&T selling the Pre after the exclusive arrangement with Sprint expires.”


Of course, if the carrier indeed gets the Pre, it would be its GSM version, not the CDMA one that Sprint will offer starting June 6.

AT&T, which has just announced it would upgrade its 3G network to HSPA, may also release the thin Palm Eos later this year – a more affordable smartphone that will make a nice pair with the mighty Pre.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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