Ovi Mail updated with Ovi.com integration, other enhancements

Nokia’s Ovi Mail was just updated – once again – this time in order to provide the free service with Ovi.com integration, as well as with several other improvements.

According to the folks over at the Nokia Beta Labs, users can now easily navigate between Ovi Mail and Ovi.com – although, for the moment, the Ovi website doesn’t seem to include an Ovi Mail icon, like in the image seen below.

Anyway, in addition to being integrated with Ovi.com, Ovi Mail now has an improved look and it can automatically check for new messages.

Furthermore, users can mark emails as “read” without opening them. Some problems in Safari and Chrome were also fixed, and the service now supports three new languages: Italian, Vietnamese and Latin America Spanish.


If you haven’t registered to Ovi Mail yet, you can do it here.

Via the Nokia Beta Labs Blog

Author: Ilinca Nita

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