Motorola Clutch i465 now available, $129.99 from Boost Mobile

Exactly one month ago, when Motorola officially announced the Clutch i465, it didn’t say when the phone would be available.

Well, as of today, you can buy the phone from Boost Mobile, for only $129.99 – “with no contract, credit check or hidden fees.”

The Clutch i465 is a pretty weird phone, as is features iDEN capabilities and a full QWERTY keypad.

That’s why Motorola and Boost say that the i465 makes a “powerful combination” with the carrier’s Monthly Unlimited service ($50 per month).


The phone’s specs include:

  • 128 x 160 pixels TFT display
  • Unified Messaging, Threaded Messaging
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • Wireless Web
  • VGA camera with video recording

For the moment, the Clutch i465 is available only online, but customers will soon be able to find it via various Boost Mobile retail locations too.

Via Press release

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • Andy

    where can i buy the boost mobile phone Motorola I465, in a store.

  • Ilinca

    It's not yet in stores, you can get it only online for the moment, as it says in the article.

  • Big Al

    GOD, WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!!!!! i would gladly have paid $200 for this phone with better software. the browser is a nightmare. a call to boost mobile about an estimated time for a browser upgrade got me nothing. i downloaded 2 ringtones last night and neither of them are usable. $2something is ridiculous for a 6 second ringtone in my opinion. the major purpose of the phone was the qwerty keyboard and that works awesome! and for $50 a month you can’t really complain, huh? i have also been unable to find any type of instant messenger. if anyone knows about whether or not i can purchase an unlocked phone and put my sim card in or a hack for the i465 please let me know. is my email address. thanks!


    WELL THERE IS SOME BAD NEWS AND SOME GOOD NEWS. I HAVE SOME BUDDIES WHO WORK FOR BOOST AS A DEALER WELL ALL THIER PHONES ARE ON 2-3 WEEK BACK ORDER YOUR BEST BET IS TO BUY IT ONLINE. WAIT WARNING!!!!! i order mine yesterday with no luck on a shipment coming out but today i got mine shipped here is the worse part i was going to cancel the order but it took me 120min (2hr) just to talk to someone and them to tell me the order was shipped out. well good luck i will ve posting as much info for this phone as possible good luck and enjoy it.

  • Henka

    I was wondering if you guys have been having issues with this phone freezing up? I just got my one and it freezes up every few minutes.

  • Sam Michel

    Motorola Clutch i465 is 1st mobile that comes with Push-to-talk technology and full QWERTY. The phone has a display screen up to 1.79 inches with 128 x 160 resolution that is too small for phones that integrated with QWERTY keypad.

  • Raven

    Can I Order The i465
    Off The Boost Moble Site????????

  • SmartGuy

    do a master reset…

  • iriesis

    I flushed $129 down the toilet!! This phone gets no signal at all at my house or at my job! The text messages take hours sometimes to show up in my inbox! I called Boost customer service.. They told me to do a master reset. Didn't do anything.. They transferred me to tech support… They asked me a bunch of questions. Didn't do anything.. The person from tech support actually suggested that I just go outside anytime i needed to make a phone call!!! I talked to a supervisor.. Couldn't do anything.That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!! I had a Boost phone for over a year and never had a problem with that model, but this one is useless.. Even when I am on the road I am lucky to have 1 bar.. Don't waste your money.

  • starac

    does anyone know when this phone will be available in stores?

  • riley

    Just bought the i465 Boost phone for well after taxs ruffly 140.00 bucks.. it's been a nightmare for me. From the start i cant get my ring tones to work (ringtones that came on the phone). all calls get sent to voice mail. Did a master reset and still nothing., In my opion i would have went with another pre-paid or a cheaper phone if i had known the quality of these boost phones.. If any one has had problems getting there ringtones to work, or can help me email me

  • clutchhateri465


  • bo


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