Verizon to release the HTC Snap as HTC Ozone

Verizon’s HTC Snap / S522 will not be launched as HTC XV6175, like we initially thought, but as HTC Ozone (which obviously sounds better).

Alongside the HTC Touch Pro 2, the Ozone should be a pretty nice addition to Verizon’s line-up of Windows Mobile 6.1 devices.

As far as features go, BGR says that HTC Ozone is a world phone (thus having CDMA and GSM connectivity) with Wi-Fi, VZ Navigator, Visual Voicemail and Internet Explorer 6.


Like the original Snap, the Ozone also comes with a QVGA non-touchscreen display, a full QWERTY keypad and, probably, a 2MP camera.

HTC Ozone could be launched in the next few weeks or months. No word yet on the price that Verizon intends to ask for it.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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