Latest 3rd-gen iPhone Pics Brought to Life

We, just like everyone else, are rather relieved that we don’t have to put up with the 3rd-generation iPhone rumors for much longer, since WWDC is mere days away. But still we love to find every ounce of evidence that such a device really exists and is on its way soon.

The latest in the series of leaked photos popped up on a Italian iPhone website, claiming that these pics are from the not-yet-published new Apple webpage featuring the newest iPhone.

Interestingly enough, there are a few neat details we can see from the pictures that make this iPhone different than the iPhone 3G.  Take a look and see if you can find them.



Some details that stand out:

  • Opaque back with slip-resistant finish (read: no fingerprints and not as easy to drop)
  • Power button on the top left instead of top right
  • Headphone jack on bottom right instead of top left
  • New side button on bottom right side; could it be a camera button of some sort?

Naturally we are always skeptical of these kinds of pictures. And frankly we’re not sure how reputable the site is. But, if these are correct, we are pretty excited about the changes.

Did you catch anything else that we didn’t? Let us know in the comments.

via iSpazio via TUAW

Author: Brad Molen

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  • anom

    Its not even running 3.0

  • LC

    COOL! Can't wait….. Nice to have all in one color black, sleeker, and powerful smart phone. It would be nice to have multi-color shell as well like ipod shuffles.

  • GunzNSkoal

    Kool, Although I do not think this is the next iPhone… And i hope its not =[ needs something more than just a lil cosmetics ! Its okay… but it isnt running 3.0

  • Krishna

    - The overall width of the phone is less than the current models.
    - The size of the apple logo seem to be larger than usual.
    - The OS running in this screenshot is not 3.0 (No Search Screen, No Voice Memos App, Text app should be renamed as Messages)

    All these reasons make me think these are fake.

  • Amitbhawani

    cant say but doesnt look like original to me too,
    and if thats all the changes are so it can would be better to go with the old ones,
    they should have improved other things too

  • nancy

    More iphones look