Vertu Ascent Ti Damascus Steel is tough like a sword

Vertu, Nokia’s luxury phone division, has just unveiled a new phone from its Ascent Ti collection: the Vertu Ascent Ti Damascus Steel.

The handset is built using an “ancient steel forging” technique that increases the metal’s hardness. Apparently, said technique was used throughout the centuries to make, for example, Samurai swords (katana) or Indian Wootz swords – which kinda explains the phone’s fierce look :)

The specs of Vertu Damascus Steel are probably similar to the ones found in all the Ascent Ti phones, so they should include: a QVGA display, S40 UI, GSM/UMTS connectivity, a 3.2MP camera with LED flash, and 4GB of internal memory.



Vertu Ascent Ti Damascus Steel will be available in a limited 100-units edition, each of the units coming with unique hand-made swirl designs. The phone’s price is not known at the moment.

Via Sybarites

Author: Ilinca Nita

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