Dell’s first Android smartphone looks like the Palm Pre?

It looks like the long-rumored Android smartphone made by Dell has finally appeared in a leaked photo.

The PDAFans forum from China has unveiled a picture with the supposed Dell handset, showing a device that definitely resembles the Palm Pre.

The smartphone has a rounded case, a large touchscreen display and a video call camera.

No other details are known, but Dell might have also packed a sliding QWERTY keyboard into the device – let’s hope it’s a landscape one, like Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 has, and not a portrait one, like the one the Pre features.

Dell Android smartphone

Dell’s Android smartphone might be released in China first, sometime in late 2009. I guess that we’ll find out soon if this is the real thing, or just another Chinese knock-off device.

Via Engadget

Author: Ilinca Nita

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