Apple finally launches iPhone 3.0 OS – available now for download

Announced back in March, iPhone 3.0 OS is now finally available for download, so all iPhone and iPod touch users can upgrade their devices to it.

Naturally, iPhone 3.0 OS is already installed on the brand new iPhone 3G S, but this will only be launched on June 19 (by AT&T in the US).

Until then, old iPhone owners should know that the iPhone 3.0 OS brings many new features, including: copy & paste, landscape QWERTY keyboard, stereo Bluetooth, turn-by-turn navigation, voice memos and MMS (only for the iPhone 3G).

iPhone 30 OS landscape

iPhone owners can upgrade their handset for free, via Apple’s website.

iPod touch owners have to pay 9.95 for the 3.0 OS upgrade – also made via Apple’s website.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • Irritated

    Server says not availablae try back later

  • Kehr

    Finally I got it!

    I was trying to update my iPhone to 3.0 for over 2 hours.. the error I had was “iPhone activation server is temporarily unavailable”. I thought Apple would have taken care of high server load 🙂

    Nice new features like copy&paste, phone search, internet tethering (making your iPhone act as a modem).

  • Yasir Saeed, RY International

    Nice feature…..I need iphone with these features…Will try to upload from site.