Early iPhone 3G buyers can get the 3G S fully subsidized from AT&T

When Apple and AT&T announced the iPhone 3G S, the two companies said that only those who sign a new 2-yr contract agreement can buy the smartphone at $199 and $299 (the 16GB and the 32GB version, respectively). This meant that all iPhone 3G owners would have had to pay $399 / $499 if they wanted a 3G S before becoming upgrade eligible.

However, today – the same day the iPhone 3.0 OS became available for download – AT&T has changed its pricing policy.

The carrier stated: “we’re now pleased to offer our iPhone 3G customers who are upgrade eligible in July, August or September 2009 our best upgrade pricing, beginning Thursday, June 18.”

Which basically means that if you bought your iPhone 3G in July, August or September 2008, you can upgrade to an iPhone 3G S at the fully subsidized price ($199 / $299), starting June 19 (or June 18 if you want to pre-order).


Obviously, those who bought the iPhone 3G after September 2008 won’t be able to get the 3G S at its lowest price – but they may be eligible for the $399 / $499 price, or they can simply pay the retail price: $599 (16GB) or $699 (32GB).

Here’s an AT&T video about the iPhone 3G S upgrade eligibility and other details on the smartphone:

You can read more about the iPhone 3G S pricing at AT&T’s official website.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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