New iPhone3GS Feature: Dog Whistle

We all know the new functionality that comes with the new iPhone 3G-S: faster processor, more storage capacity, compass, video recording, and dog whistle. Wait, what?

Reports all over the web have come out this weekend that the iPhone 3G-S is emitting a strange buzzing sound immediately after system sounds (unlock, SMS notifications, etc) at around the 15 KHz frequency.

This buzzing is at such a high frequency that not everyone notices; but for those who do, it’s annoying. I’m pretty sure most dogs aren’t happy about it either. What has been reported, however, is that it doesn’t happen when the phone is in vibrate mode.


(photo courtesy BGR)

BGR, in reporting the issue, is almost certain that it is software related. This ultimately means that it can be fixed with the next OS update. Perhaps 3.0.1? Or 3.1? Only time will tell, but if enough people are experiencing this, it is in Apple’s best interest to get it fixed pronto.

via BGR

Author: Brad Molen

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