Pantech announces TruEmotion, its own 3D UI

Pantech, the third largest South Korean phone maker, has just announced that it developed its own 3D mobile UI, called TruEmotion – notice the spelling.

According to Pantech, the TruEmotion UI is simple, intuitive and dynamic, featuring three-dimensional transition effects.

It seems that now all the Korean cellphone vendors opted for a pretty similar 3D Cube UI concept for their touchphones – LG has it’s S-Class, Samsung’s got Cubic and now Pantech…  I wonder how that turn of things came about?

TruEmotion will debut in South Korea next month, when the new Pantech IM-R470S phone becomes available. The IM-R470S is a full-touch handset with a 3.2 VGA display:

Pantech IM-R470S TruEmotion 3D UI

Pantech didn’t say if it will also use the TruEmotion 3D UI on phones manufactured for outside Korea. Let’s hope it will.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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