Telus to launch the iPhone 3G S in Canada?

As crazy as it may sound, Canada’s Telus might release Apple’s brand new iPhone 3G S sometime in October this year.

Yes, we know, Telus is a CDMA carrier and the iPhone 3G S is a GSM/HSPA phone, so this doesn’t make sense, right? Well, wrong, because Telus is getting ready to roll-out a HSPA network across Canada, which should be functional in October.

So, theoretically, the third-largest Canadian carrier will be able to launch the iPhone 3G S. Of course, the new iPhone will first be offered by Rogers and Fido in Canada, but it looks like they don’t have exclusivity on it.

According to a post from Howard Forums, a Telus executive has confirmed that they will launch the iPhone 3G S.

iPhone 3G S Telus Canada

If this turns out to be true, there will probably be many happy Telus subscribers and a few unhappy execs at Rogers & Fido.

Via Boy Genius Report

Author: Ilinca Nita

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