Verizon to launch the BlackBerry Curve 8530 Aries in February 2010

Although it was initially slated for a September-October 2009 launch through Verizon, BlackBerry Curve 8530 (aka BlackBerry Aries) will not hit the US market this year.

According to The Street, the 8530 Aries was delayed and thus it will be released by Verizon sometime in February 2010.

Coming as the CDMA version of T-Mobile’s BlackBerry 8520 Gemini, BlackBerry Curve 8530 should feature an optical trackball, a QVGA display, Wi-Fi and a 2MP camera.

blackberry-curve-8530-aries verizon

(image via CrackBerry)

If you really want a new BlackBerry from Verizon this year, you should know that the carrier will launch the Tour 9630 this summer – at about the same time with Sprint.

Or, if you’re into Windows Mobile, you might want to check out Verizon’s new HTC Ozone, which will be available for as low as $49.99 starting June 29.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • Just50

    The Aries sounds like a good phone but I would really like to know what it looks like.

  • LarryMcJ

    OK…there are about 100 blogs stating this will arrive this Fall…and only you guys say it will be in Feb 2010. I think you're misinformed for two reasons. First, T-Mobile is releasing it this week and Verizon's CEO said last week to “look for several new smartphones this year”…”…because we have to increase our phone inventory to keep customers and prospective customers satisfied”. Verizon has always been the last to get new phones and they've always had fewer than most carriers…they're trying to change this.

  • Feragola

    They are wrong, it's coming out Nov. 20th, 2009

  • Feragola

    They are wrong, it's coming out Nov. 20th, 2009