Rumor: Sprint Testing HTC Hero, Samsung Android Device

We are hearing whispers that Sprint is currently performing internal tests on not one but two Android handsets, and will both be available by next year.

The first handset is rumored to be the HTC Hero, which was announced earlier this week alongside a new UI called Sense, and apparently will be ready before the end of 2009.

Sources are also indicating a second Android device is also being tested, a Samsung CDMA/WiMax hybrid. If correct, this would go right along with Sprint’s confirmed plans to bring out a CDMA/WiMax handset by next year. It would certainly be no surprise if this is indeed the handset Sprint was talking about.


Have we already heard rumors about this Samsung Android device, or is this a completely new and secret handset that is being kept pretty well off the radar? Hard to say. Throw your theories at us and let us know what you think.

via PhoneNews

Author: Brad Molen

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