WebOS 1.0.4 available for the Palm Pre

Exactly ten days after releasing webOS 1.0.3, Palm has now launched the webOS 1.0.4 firmware for the Palm Pre.

Unlike the previous update, WebOS 1.0.4 doesn’t bring enhanced applications, but it “addresses several security issues with Palm webOS software”.

Also, it looks like you can no longer install homebrew apps (i.e. unsigned apps) after you’ve updated your Pre to WebOS 1.0.4.

The firmware update should be downloaded automatically, over the air, but users can also check for it manually, “by opening Updates.”

Palm Pre webOS 104 update

For the moment, Palm Pre is available only in the US and only from Sprint. The smartphone should be soon released in Canada (by Bell) and across Europe.

Source: Palm via Engadget

Author: Ilinca Nita

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