Palm Pre to be announced in the UK next week?

We first saw the GSM version of Palm Pre in February, during MWC 2009, but back then there weren’t any clear details on the smartphone’s availability in Europe.

Sure, the Pre is already on sale in the US, via Sprint, but Palm said nothing yet about its GSM version and its release date.

Well, it looks like the GSM Pre will be announced next week in the UK. Which doesn’t mean it will be available starting next week, but at least you’ll know when the smartphone hits the stores. Let’s hope it won’t be long until this happens.

Palm Pre GSM UK

O2 might be the first carrier to offer the Palm Pre in the UK, although Vodafone could also launch it at about the same time. No word yet on the price of the GSM Pre.

Via T3

Author: Ilinca Nita

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