Live pics with Samsung Highlight for T-Mobile USA

Remember the Samsung Highlight that appeared several weeks ago on its way to T-Mobile USA?

Well, the phone is still on its way – meaning that it’s not yet released or officially announced – but now we have a set of live pictures of it.

As previously reported, the Highlight is a mid-end touchscreen phone that should come with features like GPS, a 3.1MP camera without flash, and microSD card support.

Most of the photos below show the Samsung Highlight next to other handsets that T-Mo will launch soon, namely the Android-powered MyTouch 3G and the Dash 3G (aka HTC Snap):

T-Mobile Samsung Highlight

T-Mobile Samsung Highlight 2

T-Mobile Samsung Highlight 3

T-Mobile Samsung Highlight 4

T-Mobile Samsung Highlight 5

Reportedly, T-Mobile USA will launch the Highlight on July 15, for a price that is currently not known.

Via TmoNews

Author: Ilinca Nita

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