Sony Ericsson Bao flip phone shows up

We saw the Sony Ericsson Xperia Rachael and Kiki over the week-end, and now it’s time for yet another new, unannounced SE phone: the Sony Ericsson Bao.

The Bao is a clamshell that has an interesting design, looking a bit like a handset from Nokia’s Prism line-up.

Details about the features of Sony Ericsson Bao are completely inexistent, but we can see that the phone has a photo camera – and probably a hidden external display too.

Here’s the new handset in all its glory – if we can call it like this (images found at the Esato Forum):

Sony Ericsson Bao

Sony Ericsson Bao 2

Sony Ericsson Bao 3

Sony Ericsson Bao 4

No word yet on when Sony Ericsson intends to officially announce the Bao, but it will probably not be long until this happens.

Via Mobile-review

Author: Ilinca Nita

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