New LG Chocolate – next generation “Black Label” series phone preannounced

Last week we told you that LG is working on the next generation “Black Label” series device.

Well, today LG made it official, and dubbed this new device “Next generation Chocolate”.

Unfortunately, LG did not provide any more details about the new Chocolate, only saying that the new phone is “expected to be unveiled in August”.

LG also released some teaser pictures of the device, which do not tell us much, except for some hints that the new Chocolate should look pretty good.

LG Chocolate next generation

To further wet our appetite, LG press release also teases us with:

“…the new phone will showcase a highly distinctive design that takes optimal advantage of the device’s features and performance. The new Chocolate will be a disruptive force in conventional mobile screens in an effort to maximize usability yet carry on the minimalist-inspired style and iconic design of its predecessor…”

And you can read anything you want from that. Though the part about “disruptive force in conventional mobile screens” sounds pretty interesting.

Anyway, we’ll be on the lookout for the new details about the new Chocolate phone, and report back as we learn more.

Stay tuned

Via: Korea NewsWire

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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