KZ-Opera 4.0 mobile browser launched in China

Almost one year after the introduction of KongZhong Opera 3.0, now Opera Software has launched KZ-Opera 4.0, the new mobile browser for Chinese users.

Based on Opera Mini 4.2, KZ-Opera 4.0 was developed in collaboration with and it comes to provide “a 3G-like experience even in a 2G environment.”

The new mobile browser has a redesigned UI and it was optimized to offer a faster loading speed, plus an enhanced rendering quality.

Reportedly, KZ-Opera 4.0 can save your “consumption of data up to 90%”.

KZ Opera 40 China

Other new features included in KZ-Opera 4.0:

  • Automatic update of startpage
  • Advanced night mode
  • Improved monthly data statistics report
  • Optimized cmwap/cmnet connection
  • Digital-key navigation support
  • Preload support
  • Changeable skin

Opera doesn’t say where you can download KZ-Opera 4.0 from, but the browser is probably available through

Via Press release

Author: Ilinca Nita

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