Amazon intros AmazonWireless – buy your phones rebate-free, America’s largest online retailer, has launched a new dedicated website that offers mobile phones and service plans.

Called AmazonWireless, the new online store is accessible at this address. It currently offers more than 120 phone models from AT&T and Verizon.

In the near future, Amazon will add more carriers and, obviously, more phones too.

One of the nicest features of AmazonWireless is that it sells the phones rebate-free. Also, you get free two-day shipping – probably anywhere in the US.

Even more, phone prices seem to be lower than on the carriers’ websites. For example, the Samsung Impression is as low as $49.99 at AmazonWireless, while costing $149.99 at AT&T’s online store.

Amazon wireless

“We’ve taken our eight years’ experience selling cell phones to create a new site that makes a potentially confusing transaction much easier for customers. The step-by-step purchase process on AmazonWireless makes it easy for customers who already have a plan to upgrade their phones. If you want to establish new cell phone service, we’ve made it simple to find the right phone, service plan and options for your needs. We’ve also eliminated the technical jargon and frustrating rebate paperwork that customers often face when buying a phone,” says Paul Ryder, vice president of Consumer Electronics for

Now I wonder what the folk over at BestBuy will think about all this…

Via Press release

Author: Ilinca Nita

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