Samsung InstinctQ M900 to come with Android?

When you say Samsung Instinct, you’re instantly thinking about one of Sprint’s phones: the original Instinct or the new Instinct S30.

But what’s the deal with this unannounced Samsung InstinctQ M900 that recently received a Wi-Fi Interoperability Certificate (PDF link)?

Well, it’s most probably Sprint’s third phone from the Instinct series.

In fact, it looks like it might not be just a phone, but a smartphone – an Android one, if we’re to believe what CellPassion says.

If that’s the case, then those rumors about Sprint testing a Samsung Android handset must be true.

Samsung InstingQ M900

Sadly, we know nothing about the Samsung InstinctQ M900 at the moment – save for the fact that it obviously has Wi-Fi. The smartphone will most probably have a touchscreen display and, hopefully, an autofocus camera of at least 3.2MP.

Now let’s hope that Samsung and Sprint will announce the InstinctQ soon and that the handset does indeed run on Android.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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