MiniSIM cards: Orange to Become Green

Orange is trying to become green. Forgive the pun — obviously we aren’t talking about a mobile carrier changing its name to a different color; we’re talking ways to cut down, save costs and be environmentally friendly. Orange’s newest idea comes in the form of miniSIM cards.

When we first heard about the concept, we thought SIM cards would actually get smaller (as if they aren’t hard enough to install already), but that’s not it at all.

Currently SIM cards come enclosed in a credit-card-sized piece of plastic. These pieces of plastic are useless once the SIM card is inserted into the phone, meaning 90% of the SIM card holder becomes total waste.

MiniSIMs, being trialled by Orange through its prepaid service, halve the amount of plastic used, making the containers much smaller and thus generating less waste.


This is just one item on a list of several things Orange is doing to help protect the environment.

Tom Alexander, CEO of Orange UK, said: “Orange has recently made some significant changes in becoming a more sustainable, greener business. For instance, 80% of our energy now comes from renewable sources, customers are encouraged to recycle handsets in our stores, and we’ve committed to a universal mobile phone charger. Ultimately our goal is to have no waste involved in providing new Sims and to use organic materials. This is just one small but significant step further in that journey of reducing the environmental impact of our business for our customers.”

This move is a smart one. There is no point to making SIM card holders as large as they are; with billions of SIM cards manufactured around the world, miniSIMs will certainly cut down on costs and waste over time.


Author: Brad Molen

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