Taiwan starts fining sellers and buyers of fake Chinese phones

Some might like them for their low prices, but the truth is that fake Chinese phones, also known as Chinese clones, bring nothing good to the mobile industry.

That’s the reason why the Taiwan authorities, more exactly the country’s National Communications Commission, have decided to start fining users who buys or sells such phones – known in Taiwan as “Shanzai phones”.

More exactly, if you’re a Taiwan resident, you should not bring more than five fake Chinese phones from abroad. Or, you should not receive more than two of them, if they’re sent by post.

Otherwise, you risk a fine of up to 300,000 Taiwanese dollars (about $9,055).

Motorola Aura clone

(a Motorola Aura clone made in China)

Well, I guess that other countries should follow the Taiwanese model and fight against Chinese fakes – first of all for the sake of customers.

Via China Tech News

Author: Ilinca Nita

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