LG BL42 Chocolate leaked; live pics with LG BL40 spotted

LG BL40 is not the only new Black Series Chocolate phone prepared by LG for this year.

The South Korean company will also release the LG BL42 – a mid-end phone that seems to be the direct successor of the original Chocolate.

Apparently, the LG BL42 will feature GSM/UMTS connectivity, a touchpad, a QVGA display, a sliding alphanumeric keypad, and a 5MP camera with Flash and Schneider-Kreuznach optics.

Here’s what the LG BL42 looks like:


LG-BL42-Chocolate 2

LG-BL42-Chocolate 3

LG-BL42-Chocolate 4

LG BL42 vs. the old LG Chocolate:

LG-BL42-Chocolate 5

Alongside the BL42, several live images of the high-end BL40 have appeared over at the Telefon-Treff forum:

LG BL40 live

LG BL40 live 2

LG BL42 vs. LG BL40 (notice the huge 800 x 345 pixels display of BL40):

LG BL42 vs BL40

We don’t know when LG will announce the BL40 and the BL42, but it shouldn’t be long until this happens.

Via All About Phones

Author: Ilinca Nita

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