Symbian Horizon will publish your applications for free

Ever heard about Symbian Horizon? It is a new application-publishing platform announced by the Symbian Foundation and “designed to reduce barriers to success and increase the profitability of delivering applications on the Symbian platform.”

If you’re an application developer, Symbian can publish your apps for free “to multiple app stores.”

You first need to register to Symbian Horizon, via the official Symbian website. If they like your applications, they’ll be published and you’ll get any resulting revenue.

Since Symbian Horizon is a non-profit organization, it will not add commission or profit margin charges to the apps that it publishes.

Symbian Horizon

Among the app stores through which Symbian Horizon can distribute your applications, we must mention: Nokia’s Ovi Store (obviously), Samsung Applications Store and AT&T’s MEdia Mall. Others app stores will be included in the future.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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