LG BL40 (Chocolate 4?) passes the FCC

Just hours after we saw the unannounced LG BL40 Chocolate in several live photos, the phone was approved by the FCC – so now its official BL40 model number is confirmed, although we are still waiting for its commercial name – Chocolate 4, perhaps?

And now that the official model number is confirmed and this super wide screen candybar (almost literally) is coming soon, can we ask why?

I did not like the narrow display of the KF700, and now LG made a screen that looks even narrower?

Sure, all that Cinema 21:9 resolution (with those friggin Cinema true things, that we won’t see on mobile device for months)  the real candybar form factor and the new S-Class UI next gen look really great on paper and on video.

But I just wonder, how will the LG BL40 feel and look when held in hand?


LG BL40 Black Label Chocolate

LG will probably announce the BL40 at the same time with the BL42 slider, but, of course, no one knows yet when this will happen.

We’ll bring more on these new Black Label Series phones as soon as new details emerge.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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