Modu finally launches its first cell phone

Modu, the Israel-based cell phone maker that we first heard about more than one year ago, has finally launched its first phone – only in Israel for the moment.

Apparently, the Modu phone is available as of now, via Cellcom.

Coming in a really small case, the Modu phone features several jackets that can turn it into a music phone, a fashion phone, a GPS device and so on. had the chance to check out the Modu phone closely.


They say that the phone “has potential”, but it feels like it was made a couple of years ago. The small display, the not so great UI and the EDGE-only connectivity are to be blamed for this.

The Modu phone plus one basic jacket is priced at only $130. However, if you fill in some forms and give feedback on the device, you can get a full refund.

It’s not clear yet when the Modu phone will be available in other countries except Israel.

Via Engadget.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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