Motorola Android phone confirmed for Verizon for Q4 2009?

Until now, we’ve heard about a Motorola Android phone for T-Mobile (Motorola Morrison), as well as about one for AT&T (Motorola Heron).

But what about Verizon? Well, it looks like the largest North American carrier will also release an Android phone made by Moto, sometime in the fourth quarter of 2009. This may or may not be the Moto Galgary (pictured below) – we’ll have to wait and see.

According to The Street, the future Android handset will have a full QWERTY keyboard, like the Calgary. If Moto and Verizon will also include GPS, Wi-Fi and a good photo camera, this rumored Android phone might be successful.

motorola calgary android verizon

(image via BGR)    

Well, what do you think, could Moto’s Verizon-bound Android phone be a smash-hit? Or will it be just another Motorola phone?

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • a

    thta's not an android phone. it lacks the required android hardware buttons. jeez.

  • darylkulak

    This is EXACTLY what I'm waiting for. QWERTY hardware keyboard, full front screen (not Blackberry size), Android operating system running on Verizon. Please don't make me wait until Q4 2009!!

  • johnnyrock

    I use Gmail in the browser on my 'Rola Q, which has no GPS, a crap camera, a 3 inch screen and, worst of all, runs Windows.

    Other than that its been a decent phone. I especially like that i can tether it, the battery life has been decent but it is getting worse in a hurry…I hope they get this out there soon.

  • Cullen

    I would hate that keyboard…

  • marisela moyao

    this phone looks bad ass imma get it

  • marisela moyao

    this phone looks bad ass imma get it