Nokia 6750 spotted with AT&T’s logo on it

Back in May, when the FCC unveiled the Nokia 6750, the phone appeared without AT&T’s logo, although it is destined for the second largest US mobile carrier.

Well, if you had any doubts that the 6750 is coming to AT&T, the Bluetooth SIG has just approved the phone, and the carrier’s logo is clearly visible on its external case.

The Nokia 6750 is a clamshell featuring HSDPA, hidden external display, Push-to-Talk, Bluetooth, Media Player, OSS browser, Cellular Video, Video Share, 2MP camera and dedicated music controls. It looks like it uses the S40 UI, so it’s not a smartphone.

Nokia 6750 AT&T

Neither Nokia nor AT&T have announced the availability of the 6750.

The price of Nokia 6750 is obviously not known at this point, but it shouldn’t be higher than the one of Nokia Surge ($79.99 on contract).

Author: Ilinca Nita

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