Samsung to launch Android phones priced at “well under $100”?

Today, during the announcement of Sprint’s eco-friendly Samsung Reclaim in the US, a Samsung official said that, by next year, Android touchscreen phones would be available “for well under $100.”

According to the New York Times, the statement was made by Casey Ryan, product manager for the new Reclaim phone at Samsung.

Now, we don’t know if he was talking about free of contract phones, or subsidized phones, but it’s probably the latter case. Which is still great – an Android phone sold for, let’s say, $50 on contract would probably be an instant hit.

Exact details about the upcoming cheap Android devices were not given, so I guess that we should wait for 2010 to see what it brings.

samsung-i7500 android amoled

(Samsung Galaxy, the company’s only Android handset; it has nothing to do with the under $100 phones)

At the moment, the cheapest Android phone on the US market costs 149.99 with a 2-yr contract agreement (the T-Mobile G1).

Author: Ilinca Nita

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