AT&T Poised to Launch Blackberry Onyx, Touch Pro2, Garmin, and More

Ever the trustworthy source of new rumors, Boy Genius Report has given us a real big piece of rumor to chew on for the next couple days. Turns out that they’ve come across an internal list of AT&T’s forthcoming devices.

Most have been expected to launch with the US’s second-largest carrier at some point in time (we’ve been hearing about the Garmin for 2 years now), though it’s still good to hear that time is coming very near for some of these listed.

The included picture will tell all, but let’s sum up some of the devices listed:

  • Blackberry 9700 (Onyx)
  • Garmin Nuvifone G60
  • HTC Tilt2 (Touch Pro2)
  • HTC Pure (either the Snap or Android-based Lancaster)
  • Nokia 6750 and 6350
  • LG GD710 (Shine 2?)
  • Samsung A797 (to replace the A777?)
  • Samsung A897 (“Blackbox”)


There are a few other listed that we don’t know much about (A new USB device, Pantech C7000 and C790 — could the C790 be a follow up to the Duo?), but we’d love to hear your input on them anyways. Leave some love in the comments section!

Author: Brad Molen

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