Sprint’s Samsung M850 Dash approved by the FCC

It’s been quite many months since we last heard about Sprint’s Samsung Dash. But that doesn’t mean the phone isn’t comings soon to a Sprint store near you – because it probably will, as the FCC has just approved it.

The CDMA frequencies the M850 works on, as well as the model number (Sprint has the Samsung Instinct M800, the Instinct S30 M810 and possibly the InstinctQ M900) confirm the fact that this phone is headed for the third largest US carrier.

Moreover, the sketchy image made available by the FCC looks exactly like the Dash featured on that leaked Sprint roadmap.

Samsung Dash M850 Sprint

We don’t have too many details about the features of Samsung Dash M850, but the phone will certainly come with Ev-DO, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and MicroSD card support.

Now let’s wait for Sprint and Samsung to announce the M850 – maybe they’ll call it Instinct 3 or something like that :)

Author: Ilinca Nita

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