Samsung and LG take almost 50% of the North American phone market

This may or may not be a surprise, but, according to Strategy Analytics, almost one out of every two cell phones sold in North America in Q2 2009 are manufactured by either Samsung or LG.

Reportedly, Samsung’s market share in the US and Canada is currently of 24.7%, as the company sold 11.7 million handsets between April and June in the region.

In the same period, LG sold 10.7 million handsets, accounting for a market share of 22.6%.

In consequence, the two South Korean giants control 47.3% of the North American phone market.

samsung impression US

LG is known for being a top supplier of messaging phones for the US – selling almost 12 million such devices in 2008.

As for Samsung, the company’s success probably relies on phones like Sprint’s Instinct series, AT&T’s Jack and Impression (pictured above), or Verizon’s Omnia and Glyde.

Via Yonhap News

Author: Ilinca Nita

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