Samsung S7550 Blue Earth has TouchWiz; caught on video

Presented as a concept back in February, the Samsung Blue Earth solar phone now has an official model number: Samsung S7550.

Furthermore, the S7550 Blue Earth now actually works, as Samsung installed its TouchWiz interface on it.

As previously reported, the phone comes with a solar panel on the back, and an energy-efficient charger (for the days when there’s no sun outside). The handset is manufactured without Beryllium, Phthalate or Brominated Flame Retardants (which are harmful substances). has a set of live pictures of the S7550, as well as a video:

Samsung Blue Earth S7550

Samsung Blue Earth S7550 2

Samsung Blue Earth S7550 back

There’s still no word on when and for what price the Samsung S7550 Blue Earth will be launched, although we’ll probably see it on the market before the end of 2009.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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