China Unicom denies having bought 5 million iPhones from Apple

Although China Unicom is definitely in talks with Apple for selling the iPhone across China, it looks like the carrier actually didn’t buy 5 million iPhones, as reported yesterday by Chinese sources.

According to Cellular-News, China Unicom’s spokesman Yi Difei declared about the 5 million order rumors that they are “not true”.

However, the spokesman did say that “talks between us and Apple have been going on for some time”, albeit without reaching an agreement yet.


Tiffany Yang, an Apple spokeswoman in Beijing, also said that there are no clear details about iPhone’s official launch in China.

This probably means that China Unicom will not sell Apple’s smartphone starting September, as previously reported.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • stuartfang

    thats becuz no service producers support iphone in china, however u can crack an iphone and remvoe the sim card and reinsert one that u use in china, although u can have the basic features(calling) the SMS is buggy. there are lots of iphone clones sold in china as seen on ebay

  • christinemorelli
  • clmm8899