Huawei U7510 – another new touchscreen phone

Shortly after we saw the Android-based 8220 (T-Mobile Pulse) and the China-bound C7300 and T550+, now another touchscreen phone made by Huawei has showed up.

Called Huawei U7510, the new phone looks like it’s made by HTC for its mid to low-end Touch series.

Anyway, the U7510 uses Qualcomm BREW 3.1 and comes with both GSM and HSDPA connectivity, Bluetooth with A2DP, and a QVGA touchscreen display. A photo camera is also featured, but we don’t know its Megapixel count.

Huawei U7510

Details about the price and release date of Huawei U7510 are missing. However, since the phone has HSDPA, it may be launched in many other countries beside China.

Via Mobile-review

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • christinemorelli

    This mobile phones is very interesting, for more similar gadgets,why not try

  • Humberto

    In Costa Rica, the local mobile phone operator ICE ( recently add 3G plans with the cellphone Huawei U7517.

    They are using a modified android OS with perfect translated spanish apps, very good interface and a very good sync application, with a simple interface that really works and don´t charge your computer with crappy toolbars or spyware. The phone includes 2 mp main camera, 300 k secundary videoconf camera, FM radio, bluetooth and USB 2.0 interface.

    Is uncertain if WiFi is included, but one of he configuration tabs may suggest that is supported. Unfortunately, the 3G operator is not good with customer service, when I ask to them, some of the clerks said yes, some said not.

    Note that the 3G network was builded by Huawei too.

    Right now, the coverage and functionality is working fine, but only 15.000 users of the projected 1 million has been aquired the Kolbi plans (local brand for 3G service). And only regulars calls and sms are serviced by the operator, none of the advanced 3G services are working.

    Greetings from Tiquicia.

  • Andres Vargas

    I Actually have a U7517 Kolbi by el ICE, and NO it is not Wifi how ever I have no complains I am just trying to find a Case online for my Huawei but I can´t find one LOL . Oh and the Micro SD handles 8GB


  • Andres

    I also have the U7517 with ICE and im using a Micro SD HC card of 16gb just fine.

  • hernanb

    Todos tienen nombre de que hablan español perfecto así que hago la pregunta en español.

    He buscado información sobre este modelo, sin embargo no encuentro mucho (por no decir nada).

    – Una de las dudas ya me la respondieron y era el sistema operativo, sin embargo me gustaría saber la versión exacta y si es posible actualizarlo.
    – La siguiente duda es con relación al tipo de pantalla touchscreen que tiene. Me gustaría saber si es de tipo resistive o tipo capacitive, la diferencia se siente al usarlo, si es muy sensible como el iPhone es capacitive sino es resistive.

    Es una lástima que no tenga WiFi, sin embargo me gustaría pensar que el servicio de datos va a ser excelente.

  • aaamonge

    bien esas dudas…pero que los maes que ya lo tienen por el ICE tambien nos comenten que GARANTIA da el ICE por el clon del Iphone….por una pagina habla de un mes ..pero el contrato del ICE es por 12 meses , eso deberia ser el minimo de garantia…los qiue lo tienen que cuenten como bretea…


  • dw

    I have been using the phone for about a week now and the only problem I have is that the middle button already has the paint coming off…so I need to know where I could buy a replacement faceplate/buttons. Also does anybody know what the actual price of one of these phones is?

  • Andres

    No creo que el clon del iphone tenga capacidad de 3G, solo GSM. No se deje engañar si el vendedor le dice que si.

  • more information from u7517
  • more information from u7517