Modu 2 phone to feature touchscreen and HSDPA

While Modu’s first mobile phone is still launched only in Israel – the company’s home country – the phone maker already has plans for a second handset.

This will be called Modu 2 and will apparently be high-end.

There’s no word on what the new phone will look like, but, according to Pocket-lint, the handset will have a touchscreen display, HSDPA connectivity, and a full QWERTY jacket (along other jackets, of course).

The company plans to release the Modu 2 in big markets like the US, Japan, UK and other West-European countries – this should happen sometime in 2010.


(one of Modu’s jackets for its current phone)

As for the first Modu handset, there have been only 1,000 units sold until now across Israel. However, a full launch should follow soon, in markets like India, Philippines, Russia, Greece, Romania, and several South American countries.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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