Huawei U8220 is indeed the T-Mobile Pulse – FCC says so

If a Wi-Fi certification isn’t enough to convince you that the Android-powered Huawei U8220 will be launched as T-Mobile Pulse, maybe the FCC’s approval is.

Sure, the Commission says nothing about the Pulse featuring T-Mobile USA 3G connectivity (1700MHz), so the approved handset is probably just the European version. Even so, it’s almost certainly that T-Mobile will introduce the Pulse / U8220 sooner or later.

What’s interesting is that FCC’s image of the phone (seen below) is a bit different than what we saw last week: the form factors are kind of the same, but they don’t match exactly.

Huawei 8220 T-Mobile Pulse

Well, at least we know for sure that the T-Mobile Pulse will have HSDPA and Bluetooth. Other rumored features include a 3.5 inch touchscreen display, Wi-Fi, and a 3MP camera.

No word yet on when T-Mobile or Huawei plan to announce the Pulse / U8220. Or if it will come with Android 1.5 OS. Or of it has a QWERTY keyboard.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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