CDMA HTC Hero approved by FCC – Sprint launch imminent?

OK, we’ve heard more than once about a possible HTC Hero release via Sprint, but there wasn’t any proof to sustain this… until now.

The FCC has just approved the “HTC HERO200”, which has both CDMA/EV-DO and GSM connectivity, so it’s highly probable that this is the Hero which will come to Sprint in the near future (or maybe to Verizon? hard to believe).

So it looks like Sprint will soon have two Android smartphones – the Hero and the QWERTY-equipped Samsung InstinctQ.



Interestingly, last month the FCC has also approved the HTC HERO130, which features AT&T 3G connectivity. Could it be that both AT&T and Sprint will release the Hero? Let’s wait and see.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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