Samsung Instinct HD appears at BestBuy – Sprint should announce it soon

Sprint’s Instinct family is getting bigger and bigger. Two new members are on their way: the Android-powered Samsung InstinctQ, and the Samsung Instinct HD, which just appeared at Best Buy.

Previously known as Samsung Dash M850, the Instinct HD is called that way due to the fact that its 5MP camera can “record and play videos in HD through TV out connection”.

The phone’s other features include Wi-Fi, Visual Voicemail, Web browser, Corporate calendar, and instant access to MySpace, Facebook and YouTube.

Samsung Instinct HD

Best Buy says that the Samsung Instinct HD is coming soon, for “prices effective Sunday, Aug. 23rd – Saturday, Sep. 26th” – which probably means that Sprint is really close to announcing it. Let’s hope the phone will not cost more than $200 on contract.

Via Engadget

Author: Ilinca Nita

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