Nokia N900 appears in official photo while Nokia N97 Mini gets previewed

If today’s news about Nokia Booklet 3G isn’t enough to satisfy your hunger for Finnish-made technology, maybe the first official image of Nokia N900, or the first Nokia N97 Mini preview will.

We’ve seen the N900 (aka Rover aka RX51) several times until now, but only in unofficial shots.

Well, the French website Be Geek (via Engadget) has what seems to be the very first press-photo of the upcoming Internet Tablet:

Nokia N900 official

It looks really nice, as expected.

And now we’re going to Russia, where Mobile-review has published a Nokia N97 Mini preview, way ahead of the smartphone’s commercial availability.

The main differences between Nokia N97 Mini and Nokia N97 are:

  • N97 Mini is slightly smaller and has a smaller screen
  • N97 Mini has a smaller and not that great QWERTY keyboard
  • N97 Mini only has 8GB of internal memory (N97 has 32GB)
  • N97 Mini’s camera doesn’t have a lens cover
  • N97 Mini features kinetic scrolling (this will be added to N97 via a firmware released in September)

Nokia N97 Mini preview

Nokia N97 Mini preview 2

Nokia N97 Mini preview 3

Nokia N97 Mini preview 4

Nokia N97 Mini vs N900

(N97 Mini vs N900)

The price of Nokia N97 Mini will be about €100 lower than the one of N97.

Both the Nokia N900 and Nokia N97 Mini are expected to be announced during Nokia World 2009 (2-3 September).

Interestingly, Mobile-review says that Nokia has other four new touchscreen phones that are almost ready to be announced. Maybe some of them will join the N97 Mini and N900 for a really big unveiling at the already-mentioned Nokia World 09.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • christinemorelli
  • djmuzi

    I think the N900 is realy mini, the N97 “mini” is not

  • djmuzi

    I think the N900 is realy mini, the N97 “mini” is not