Samsung confirms its Linux-based smartphone OS

Although Samsung is the world’s second largest phone maker, it does not have its own open mobile/smartphone Operating System (sure, it has the platform that’s being used on its dumb phones, but this is not the equivalent of a proper OS). Instead, it uses the TouchWiz UI on top of the most known OSs out there – Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android. Well, I’m sure you already know this.

Last week, we told you about Samsung’s intention to make an OS of its own, and now this is confirmed by Dong-hoon Chan, head of mobile devices design group at Samsung.

According to Telecoms Korea (subscription needed to view the article), Mr. Chan stated:

“As have other leading mobile phone makers, Samsung has considered the necessity of developing its own operating system. And now is the right time to realize that advancement.”


(Samsung OmniaHD with Symbian and TouchWiz)

Sadly, there aren’t details about when exactly Samsung’s smartphone OS will be ready (or launched), but this should happen pretty soon.

It will be interesting to see what Samsung’s OS brings, and if it will be more user-friendly than Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android, or iPhone’s OS. Even more interesting is: what will happen with the smartphone Operating Systems that Samsung currently uses, after its own OS is ready? Will Samsung get rid of WM, Android and Symbian? Well, since smartphone demand is growing with each year that passes by, Samsung may want to keep on releasing handsets based on each of these platforms, and on its upcoming OS. This way, it would have smartphones for almost any  category of users. But, of course, this is pure speculation.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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